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who we are & what we do


We specialize in manufacturing Kiosks, display solutions & furniture according to our client needs. We have learned and tested a numerous number of Chinese factories, each with their own skill sets. This has brought us to a position where we can proudly say that we will get you the best “Value for money”.

We manufacture in China with EU/USA/AU standards, combining lower manufacturing costs with top quality. In addition, we work with several EU manufacturers as well, for local projects.


We work with a wide range of excellent designers of various backgrounds. Specializing in retail, interior and industrial design, this melting pot of creative talents means your retail project can draw from a deep reserve of creative thinking.

This blend of talents has allowed us to traverse across the widest range of market segments. From cosmetics and beauty to food and mobile phones, we’re equipped to turn our focus to every retail project in any market segment.

With our meticulous design and brand focused approach, we recognize that every client is different and therefore every design is unique. Our goal is to create kiosks that stand out and draw potential clients by using our visual impact as a tool.

Worldwide Delivery

We’ve designed, built & delivered kiosks, displays and furniture to all major shopping centers. We’re confident and able to satisfy all requirements of any shopping center you target for your retail project.

Our team can take your project from ideation to delivery, giving you access to our national network of specialist freight carriers. In addition, unlike other companies, your project manager is also your account manager and designer. We believe that by creating multi faceted roles, you deal with less people. This makes for a more personal touch and a better continuity of service when you engage with us.